If P&C Insurance recruits around 200 employees annually. To streamline and improve their recruitment decisions, If started a partnership with Master almost two decades ago. If uses Master’s test in all expert recruitments, and this provides objective support for recruitment decisions.

Sirpa Mäkipere, who works as an HR Business Partner at If P&C Insurance, considers the testing methods provided by Master for recruitment as an excellent way to involve analytics in recruitment decisions.

"Master provides us with a reliable method through which we obtain objective information to support our recruitment decision", Mäkipere explains.

In If we do a lot of expert work, and for this reason it is especially important for Mäkipere to find the right person for the right job.

“Recruiting is not always easy or fast if we have several candidates in the final phase who have similar background and experience. Master test methods provide valuable additional information to support the decision”, Mäkipere points out.


Certification trainings enable the company’s independent use of the tools

Prior to the independent use of the tests, Master provides in-depth certification training that will teach you how to use the methods independently.

“After training we can use the methods independently. We can make our own assessments, which speeds up our decision making. There is also an important financial aspect to it, as we do not need external consultants, for example”, Mäkipere points out.


Deepening the profile with feedback interviews

Based on the tests, applicants will undergo an in-depth feedback interview, which will look more closely at the applicant's profile based on the test answers.

“Feedback interviews are a great tool to have an in-depth discussion with the applicant. We get a lot of positive feedback from the applicants in the feedback interviews and many have stated that the profile describes them perfectly”, Mäkipere smiles.

In addition to the feedback interviews, Mäkipere appreciates the ease of use, reliability and good reporting options of Master tests. All in all, the cooperation has been quite effective.

“The cooperation has always been smooth and professional. Master has the knowledge and expertise. If you have any questions or problems, they will help us and find a solution. It's nice to work with skilled people”, says Mäkipere.